This month we focus on the subject of “Ukemi”.

The meaning of the word in Japanese is:

受 – To accept

身 – Body

As we know, while we practice Aikido, we switch roles continuously, and half the time our role is that of “Uke”, meaning we accept the technique. Even though we spend 50 percent of the time in this role, there are hardly any texts explaining the essence of it.

It is supposedly self-explanatory.

So, since we are Israelis, with an inclination to the verbal side of discussion, we talked about the subject, and practiced it from different angles, putting emphasis on different aspects, while noting the fact that the ideal Uke is like a mirror.

We also agreed that good Ukemi includes three important elements:

  • A true attack
  • Keeping one’s centre
  • Listening with one’s body

What do you think about Ukemi?
What do you find challenging regarding that role?
Do you see a connection between “Ukemi” and everyday life?

As always, I await your insight on the matter.

Eli Lerman

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  1. Arjan de Vries:

    Well, I have a video which was made in Fukuoka. We were cycling with a group of Aikido to explore the city after Aikido class with Suganuma Sensei. I was in front leading the way with use of my iPhone. I shouted: "we go right" See what happens here….
    I think a perfect example of ukemi in real life 😉

    1. Eli Lerman:

      Dear Arjan,
      Thank you for your excellent example of how ukemi can be useful in everyday life!
      Very nice and soft ukemi.
      I will keep on practicing 😉

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