One Day – A Whole Life

A few months ago, I sent Suganuma Sensei a letter, in which I asked for his interpretation of the sentence: “One Day – A Whole Life”. I am happy to enclose the translation of Sensei’s explanation.

“’ One Day – A Whole Life’ is one of the sentences I cherish.

There is a sentence that says: ‘One day is a microcosms of an entire life’. When we say, ‘an entire life’, we get the feeling of something long, but eventually, the accumulation of this day, and then this day, becomes a life entire. In order to make our lives full ones, we need to live this day to its fullest. The meaning of the word ‘Nisshin’ is similar. This day is the newest day that we get, a new fresh day that we welcome with a fresh mind.

I think that we should aspire to live this day with a sense of appreciation.

By the way, I looked up the word ‘appreciation, in the dictionary, and it means: To think good things, to value.”

This is the explanation that Sensei sent.

As always, I await your wise elucidations.

Wishing you a new day!

Eli Lerman

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