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 Since I started training Aikido, in 1989, I’m intrigued by the connection between Aikido and everyday life.
I see Aikido as a lab in which we investigate our reactions, habits and the we manage ourselves in the world. Thus, the ability to take the insights from the lab of the dojo into our life seems to me natural and necessary. In the blog I write about thoughts, insights and questions related to aikido and it’s affiliation to the ‘big’ life. I hope that the blog with thrive and continue to be a space for discussions and deepening in Aikido and in its relation to our lives. Your comments add a lot, and frequently, through a certain comment I learn about a subject from a new perspective. With a hope to continued fruitful and educational discussions and joyful walking in the path of Aikido.
Eli Lerman

A Once In a Lifetime Encounter – Wakeup Call

A Once In a Lifetime Encounter – Wakeup Call

Quite a few years ago I learned the Japanese sentence: "Ichi-go Ichi-e". It translates directly into: "One instance, one meeting", but I think that "A once in a lifetime encounter " is closer to the true intent and meaning of the sentence. I even wrote a post about it a few years ago.What is so complicated? We all understand that we are only passing guests in this world, that time flows in one direction only. Every experience and every meeting are unique, and will never happen again.Today I received a wakeup call.
The Five Principles of Water

The Five Principles of Water

Sato Issai Sensei (1772-1859) was the head teacher at the High Academy of Confucianism Studies. He taught and educated Japanese leaders, and even wrote a few books considered compulsory books for a leader. Issai Sensei counts the five principles of water: Water moves – thus moving other things. Water always looks for a way to

Suganuma Sensei’s instructor’s notebook 6

Suganuma Sensei wrote in his notebook: At the end of keiko (practice) while practicing Kokyuho, my partner told me: “Sensei, your body is like a rock”. I, who came to practice with the intention to practice softly like my favorite Sumo wrestler – was in shock! I still have a long way to go… When

Suganuma Sensei’s instructor’s notebook 2

“Until a few days ago we were all saying “it’s hot, it’s hot” and suddenly it became cold. I do not cease to marvell the wisdom in which nature evolves. I believe man also has 4 seasons. Practice Aikido that is suitable to the season!” How do you uderstand these sentences?

Falling Down Correctly

Falling down is part of our everyday life. People lose their balance all the time, not only in Aikido practice: It may happen while walking in the street, riding a bicycle and everywhere. Instead of being afraid of falling, in place of the “falling” being “a scary incident”, “the end of the word”, one can

Light Up Your Feet

“Light up your feet” – this proverb appears at the entrance of some Zen temples. What is the meaning of this proverb? Put your shoes in a neat and orderly manner when you enter the Dojo. The shoes should be placed facing out. During class: pay attention to one’s feet work: The feet must keep
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