Aikido Seminar with Suganuma Sensei

Suganuma Sensei

Suganuma Sensei

8th-Dan, one of the world leading Aikido teachers, started Aikido in 1963 and was O-sensei’s last uchi-deshi. Head of Shoheijuku Aikido in Fukuoka, Japan, with its 80 branched dojos in Japan and around the world.

In addition to Aikido, Suganuma Sensei practices and teaches Zazen meditation and Japanese calligraphy.

Suganuma Sensei has extensive experience in teaching seminars around the world, and when he is not busy with traveling to distant dojos in Japan and seminars outside Japan, he is busy with teaching Aikido for children and adults, daily, in the dojos around Fukuoka city. Suganuma Sensei is a pleasant and warm person who sets an exceptionally good atmosphere in his classes.

The seminar is open for all Aikido practitioners, in all levels.

Seminar dates:
On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday –  July 9th, 10th and 11th.

Ostrovsky School, 26 Ostrovsky St., Ra’anana, Israel (air conditioned gym hall)

Monday 9/7Tuesday 10/7Wednesday 11/7
Morning calsses
Black belts classWeapons classVarious subjects
10:00 to 11:00Instructed by a guest from Japan(Tanken Dori – defense against knife)
Instructed by a guest from Japan
Instructed by a guest from Japan
11:10 to 12:30Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*Jo Dori + Tachi Dori (defense against Jo and Bokken)
Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*
Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*
Evening classes
18:30 to 19:301 Instructed by a guest from Japan4 Instructed by a guest from Japan7 Instructed by a guest from Japan
19:40 to 20:252 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*5 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*8 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*
20:35 to 21:203 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*6 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*9 Instructed by Suganuma Sensei*

* At the end of Suganuma Sensei’s classes 10 minutes will be dedicated to questions.
– Warm up will be held only at the first class of each set of classes.
– Please arrive 30 minutes before starting time, for changing and signing up.
– At the end of the second night Dan exams will be held.
– At the end of the third night we will have a seminar ending party.

Guests from overseas are eligable to a speacial 50% discount on seminar fees.
As we do not accept international credit cards, payment can be made on the day of the seminar in cash (Israeli currency please).
Please see the seminar fees below.

Special classes (morning)
ClassesFull fee50% off for foreign guests
1 morning class240120
2 morning classes440220
3 morning classes620310
Evening classes
ClassesFull fee50% off for foreign guests
1 class16080
2 classes260130
3 classes330170
4 classes440220
5 classes530270
6 classes620280
7 classes700320
8 classes780390
Full evening seminar850430
CombinationsFull fee50% off for foreign guests
Full evening seminar + 1 morning1080540
Full evening seminar + 2 mornings1280640
Full evening seminar + 3 mornings1460730

– All prices are in ILS – Israeli shekels.

Map and direction to Ostrovsky school (26 Ostrovsky St., Ra’anana)
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