Aikido Seminar with a Teacher from Japan

The international Aikido seminar of the ACOI (Aikido Center of Israel) takes place once a year in July. The seminar is taught by Suganuma Sensei or one of his Uchideshi (direct students of Sensei who are now professional Aikido instructors in their own right). The annual seminar is open to all Aikido practitioners from Israel as well as from around the world. These seminars are unique opportunities to learn from professional teachers with many years of experience who research Aikido at the highest level.

The last seminar took place in July 2018 and was instructed by Suganuma Sensei, 8th Dan, one of the leading teachers of Aikido in the world, a direct student of the founder of Aikido.

The seminar was extremely successful.
Many thanks to all the guests from Israel and abroad who participated.

You can see photos from the seminar here and photos from the exams here.

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